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Ringside Seat To a Whole New Realm of Healing
  • Uncover How Industry Experts Use Their Essential Oils Day To Day
  • Gain Confidence in Understanding Safety, Dilution and Essential Oil Blending
  • Learn New Dynamic Processes To Supercharge Your Healing
  •  Save Time And Money Avoiding Costly Disasters in Product Formulation and Essential Oil Purchases
  •  Understand What QUALITY Actually Means In A Essential Oil
  • Comprehend Chemistry and the Science of Essential Oils
  • Marvel At The Majesty of Energetic Healing and The Mind Body Connection
  • Relish How Regardless of Approach...Scientific or Spiritual The Essential Oils Used Remain The Same
  •  Gain Real Insights Into The Problems Facing Our Industry, How to Avoid Them Affecting You and What You Can Do To Play A Part In Bringing About Change.
Pain requires a multi-disciplined healing approach.  

Simply applying a lavender band-aid can only go so far. 

We need to probe deeper to understand what is happening underneath the patient's skin and the thoughts running through a patient's mind.

How useful is the actual mechaniism of healing to them?

Do they fully believe the outcome of a painfree life serves them as well as the aches and pains they complain of every day? 

Together, you and I will explore the psychology and physiology creating the individual pain experience of each person. 

It's a facinating and thrilling journey into the smallest molecules of the body and the dustiest and darkest places of the brain. 

Here's some of our main areas of exploration.
     The Physical Body 
    • Recognise and Identify Specific Pain Traits
    •  There are three main types of chronic pain - Nociceptic, Neuropathic and Psychogenic.  
    •  All inhabit the physical body but only the first two have clear and obvious causes there. Often, these will be described as being "all in the mind".
    •  Discover which pain applies to your own particular client and which oils are most pertinent to which pain to give you fast and accurate treatment options  
    • Understanding Pain Signalling
    •  Step by step we follow the ascending and descending pain pathway to and from the brain including the brain stem, neo cortex, peri- aqueductal grey, and dorsal horn.  
    •  Explore how pain travels through the body via nerve fibres and how it can be amplified by environment and how that can be altered using lifestyle changes including essential oils 
    •  Discover ways to influence and control neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and volted gated channels modulating our pain experience.  
    •  Investigate the role of the endocannabinoid system and uncover the ways cannabis medicines can super-change your healing. 

     The Mental Faculties
    • ​Explore pain perception and how to influence pain thresholds using essential oils quickly and effectively  
    • ​ Understand how stress contributes to the pain experience and gain clear advice to address lifestyle changes and treatment plans.   
    • ​ Explore pain memory, how it languishes in the body and how you can despatch it from your client’s mind and body.  
    The Emotional and Spiritual Faculties 
    •  Recent thinking suggests that depression and pain may share a common neuro-signalling pathway.   
    •  We explore the mechanisms involved, and how to modulate pain from the emotional instead of the physical standpoint.  
    •  Recognise opportunities and threats posed by the allopathic doctor’s pain medications and learn how to create alternatives using essential oils thought to act on the same receptors and pain signalling mechanisms.  
    • ​Find out what skeletal misalignments, dietary triggers, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies may be influencing pain.
    • ​Discover acupressure points to remove blockages and stagnant qi in the meridians to balance the body to encourage it to let go of pain.  
    How Will I Learn? 
    Learn at your own pace. 

    Each module contains two separate lessons, one about the science taking place in the body and one about the systems a particular oil will work upon. 

    Course Pre- Requisites 
    Aromatherapy certification (or related therapy)
    1 years professional experience 

    What Sets This Course Apart?
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